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Instant Pho

Chin-Su -Big Bowl "Pho" with Real Beef
Brands: CHIN-SU
CHIN-SU 2020's newly developed product - Big Bowl "Pho" with Real Beef, a bowl of 132g, large slices of original beef, bake in hot water for 3 minutes. With a moderate chili sauce, the meat is delicious...
Cung Dinh - "Pho" with Beef
Hanoi Pho has always been a classic of Vietnamese cuisine. Its fragrant plastic noodles blend with the typical sweetness of bone soup and simmer for 12 hours, plus fermented pepper. Heqing tastes natural. From the Cung Dinh noodle maker, we are proud to bring you delicious and delicious Hanoi Pho wi..
Brands: VIFON
"Hue" Style Instant Rice Vermicelli With Beef, 120g Pho has 61g of real beef. Soup base is slightly spicy. Just add hot water for 3 minutes and serve immediately. Busy rework, OT has no time to buy food, suddenly abdomen is hungry out of the street at home, OL / family essentials...
Vifon - "Pho" with Beef -WITH REAL MEAT
Brands: VIFON
Pho is one of the famous dishes in Vietnam, inherited from traditional success for over 20 years to produce instant noodles, with specially noodles coated technology, modern techniques, and combining with very tasty beef meat product, it becomes the best Hoang Gia VIFON noodles.  This tangy tas..
Brands: VIFON
"Pho" with real meal, 120g of pho with 61g of real beef, big bowl of good taste! Just add hot water for 3 minutes to eat. Rework is busy, OT does not have time to buy food, suddenly at home in the belly, hungry out of the street, OL / Home essentials...
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