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Mr.Viet - Arabica Ground Coffee

Authentic Vietnamese coffee, grown at high-altitude plantations of Dalat 100% Arabica, medium roasted, medium ground, uncovers the mild aroma and tender taste with dark chocolate, vanilla and orange notes.

The best coffee beans are grown in the highlands of Vietnam (Lamdong province), traditionally famous all over the world for its coffee plantations. The medium ground provides for any type of brewing (syphon, filter, or coffee maker). Vietnamese Arabica will surprise you with its mild but rich taste with dark chocolate, caramel and vanilla notes. This coffee variety combines perfectly with milk or cream, so it will suit not only espresso lovers but also those who prefer latte, flat white, cappuccino and macchiato. High quality metallized package with a valve allows preserving the taste and aroma of the ground beans for a long time.