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Mr.Viet - Good Morning Vietnam Ground Coffee

100% Robusta of premium quality, French roast. Musky, strong, invigorating drink with a light dark chocolate and nutty aftertaste.

Invigorating morning drink excels in strong and unforgettable taste. The beans are grown in ideal conditions of The Lamdong highland province, which is known all over The world for its coffee plantations. French roast uncovers The whole range of taste combinations: thick notes of dark chocolate, hints of spices and roasted bread, combined with chilli and hazelnut notes. Intense aroma and bright aftertaste will win The attention of coffee lovers, and The ability to invigorate by just one sip will provide a good start of The day. good morning, Vietnam!coffee is perfect for those who love to explore The opportunities: it is a perfect base for different blends and mixes well with other varieties of coffee.