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Rovin - Jelly Powder

Dedicated jelly, 1 box of 12 packs.

Jelly Powder is the main material to make Coconut Jelly, a dish has a refreshing, cooling effect in the body. Jelly Powder products brings the following advantages:_x000D_ – High Gel strenght_x000D_ – High plasticity_x000D_ – Solubility fast_x000D_ – Transpicuous jelly products_x000D_ _x000D_ How to use: Stir the jelly powder with hot water until it melts, and then add food coloring to create different beautiful patterns._x000D_ – Make 3D ART JELLY_x000D_ – Make fruit Jelly, tea milk Jelly_x000D_ – Make Coconut Jelly_x000D_ – Cheese Jelly, Flan Jelly