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Hạnh Phúc - 60% Fish Sauce

To make high-quality and unique high-protein fish sauce products in a patented way. The test stage of fish sauce material is that the ratio of amino protein to total protein is >= 50%. Within 30 minutes, the temperature gradually rises and then gradually decreases. Keep for 8-20 hours under the above conditions. During the cooling and filtering stage, the concentrated fish sauce passes through at least 4 cooling water tanks and 4 filters. Makes a rich fish sauce taste.

Hanh Phuc is a company that was established in 1980. Its brand is called Happy Fish Sauce in Chinese. It has been produced from traditional manual methods of fish sauce to the organization, and now has 60 kinds of protein protein fish sauce. The excellent quality of the products and the reputation of the brand are becoming more and more extensive. The anchovies in Phu Quoc waters have been brewed for a long time to produce fish sauce with rich flavor and color, which is a specialty of the southernmost island of the country. Products have been subject to strict quality control. And applied for patents and brought high-quality and unique products and made a huge contribution to society, its intellectual property department-the Ministry of Science and Technology should obtain the patent. U.S. Decree No. 4037 of January 14, 2004, on the "Production Process of High Protein Fish Sauce" and the Minister of Health’s Certificate of Merit in interdisciplinary coordination to ensure food hygiene and safety.