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Green Garden - Peppermint Handmade Soap

Peppermint essential oil helps to disinfect, cleanse and cleanse the skin, control the sebaceous glands, give you smooth skin, and no acne. Mint and temperature eliminate stress and stress, helping your spirit to be more excited. The vegetable oil in the soap cake contains a lot of vitamin E and saturated fatty acids, which gently sweep away the dirt and provide moisture to the skin.

What are the health benefits of handmade soap?_x000D_ _x000D_ Artisanal soaps are different from conventional industrial soaps. Handmade soaps are produced in batches and in limited quantities, but handmade soaps made from natural ingredients will bring many benefits to the skin, hair, and overall health, but most people don't fully understand. Here are 4 great benefits that handmade soap brings to your skin and health:_x000D_ _x000D_ 1. Handmade soap containing natural glycerin as a natural moisturizer_x000D_ 2. Handmade soaps with 100% natural ingredients are high-end cosmetics_x000D_ 3. Handmade soap contains many herbs and essential oils that are good for health and spirit_x000D_ 4. Handmade soap can replace most types of shampoos, shower gels and cleansers